My Beautiful Scars by Gary Hall 

I have been professionally tattooing for 40 years. I own and operate Ink Wizard Tattoos, Inc. a large Tattoo Company in Georgia.

 At one point in my career I developed Ink Wizard Tattoos, Inc to an astonishing sixteen studios in Georgia.  I currently have four Tattoo Studios in Georgia.  My desires and passion have always applied to the Tattoo Community as well as preserving the History of Tattooing.

During my career I have researched, studied and continued to better myself and my knowledge to enhance the ever growing needs of the Tattoo Community.  My skills extend to Custom freehand work, Master of cover-up of the worst tattoo nightmares, Cosmetic tattooing, and achieving all aspects of these forms of tattoos I found myself venturing into covering scars, skin conditions, reconstructions from surgeries, blemishes.  I have covered all types of different scars from tummy tuck scars, c-section scars, mastectomy scars, gun shot wounds, scars from birth, chemical burns, self inflicted scars, burn scars and the list goes on.  I have enriched the lives of my Clients and I support telling the stories of my Clients in hopes to give others the courage to step forward and take a leap of faith and enrich their lives as well.  I am available for private consultations and procedures.

Gary Hall