Have You Been Affected By Your Scars and Memories Of How You Got It?  Everyone Has Their Own Unique Story and Has Faced Their Own Trials and Challenges.   Covering Your Scar With A Special Designed Tattoo Can Change and Enrich Your Life.  Some Have a Story To Tell, Others Choose To Keep Their Secrets of Their Scars.  Your Cover Up Procedure Will Begin With A Free Consultation In a Private Setting At Which Time We Will Discuss Your Options, Time and Cost to Perform The Service.  Once We Agree Upon A Design and Cost I Will Take Photos Of Your Before Scars and Make An Appointment For Your Procedure. 

Sharing Your Story Helps Others Build Their Courage To Make Changes To Better Their Appearance and Self Confidence.

 If My Clients Agree I Will Video Before, During & After To Use Solely For The Purpose Of Promoting Scar Cover Up Tattoos. 

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